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童話 - 光良
Tong Hua - Guang Liang
Fairy Tale - Michael Wong

"也許你不會懂, 從你說愛我以後, 我的天空星星都亮了." 
"Ye xu ni bu hui dong, cong ni shuo ai wo yi hou, wo de tian kong xing xing dou liang le."
"Maybe you don’t know; since you said you loved me, the stars in my sky have all lit up."

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練習愛情 - 王大文, 陳芳語

Lian Xi Ai Qing - Wang Da Wen, Chen Fang Yu

Love Practice - Dawen Wang, Kimberley Chen

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Hello! ^^ I just wanted to kindly point out that the "xin" in the song "Xin Wo" should be 新 and not 心. :)

Ah, thank you! I completely missed that, haha. My IME automatically inputs it as 心窩, and it slipped past me. 

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你不要送花給我 - 劉若英

Ni Bu Yao Song Hua Gei Wo - Liu Ruo Ying

Don’t Send Me Flowers - René Liu

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Throwback Thursday! :D

新鴛鴦蝴蝶夢 - 黃安

Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng - Huang An

A New Dream of Love* - Huang An

* 鴛鴦蝴蝶 means “Mandarin ducks and butterflies”, and is the Chinese equivalent to the English term “love ducks”.

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一千年後記得我 - 林俊傑

Yi Qian Nian Hou Ji De Wo - Lin Jun Jie

Remember Me 1000 Years from Now - JJ Lin

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於是長大了以後 - 謝和弦

Yu Shi Zhang Da Le Yi Hou - Xie He Xian

When You Grow Up - R.Chord

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二分之一 - 炎亞綸, G.NA

Er Fen Zhi Yi - Yan Ya Lun, G.NA 

One Out of Two - Aaron Yan, G.NA

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