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A center for popular Chinese music, ranging from the '90s to more modern times. These songs are only a small selection of the ones I personally like. Enjoy!
I do not claim any of these songs as my own. All rights belong to the rightful owner.

二分之一 - 炎亞綸, G.NA

Er Fen Zhi Yi - Yan Ya Lun, G.NA 

One Out of Two - Aaron Yan, G.NA

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新歌試唱 - 張棟樑

Xin Ge Shi Chang - Zhang Dong Liang

Sing a New Song - Nicholas Teo

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打呼 - 潘瑋柏, 楊丞琳

Da Hu - Pan Wei Bo, Yang Cheng Lin

Snore - Wilbur Pan, Rainie Yang

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Throwback Thursday! :D

偏偏喜歡你 - 陳百強

Pin Pin Hei Fun Nei - Can Baak Koeng

Happened To Fall in Love With You - Danny Chan

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Currently updating the theme and song lists! Hopefully you all like the changes: I’ve tried to make the blog more navigable overall. Enjoy! :D

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魁儡 - 倪安東

Kui Lei - Ni An Dong

Puppet* - Anthony Neely

魁儡 is a play on words: 傀儡 (kuǐ lěi) refers to a puppet or doll, whereas 魁 (kuí) means a chief or head. 

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紅塵客棧 - 周杰倫

Hong Chen Ke Zhan - Zhou Jie Lun

Mortal Inn* - Jay Chou

紅塵 literally translates to "red dust", but metaphorically refers to the material or mortal world (as opposed to the spiritual or heavenly worlds). 

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Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to filter music by dialect? I speak Cantonese and I've been trying to find some music to listen to to improve my Chinese. Thanks!

There isn’t at the moment, but I can add that functionality in! (The vast majority of songs I post are in Mandarin, since I’m actually not too familiar with the latest Cantopop to be honest.)

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Hi! Thanks for running this blog! :) Just a quick question - are we allowed to make requests? That is, can we ask for certain songs for you to upload? I'm just curious, since there's a /lot/ of songs that I would like to see on here, but aren't. If not, then that's okay. Thanks for all you do anyways! ^^

Yes, by all means go ahead! I’ve been a bad blogger lately with finals and midterms and whatnot getting in the way of my Tumblr time, but now that finals are almost over, I should have more spare time to maintain this blog. Suggestions/requests are encouraged! :D

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