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A center for popular Chinese music, ranging from the '90s to more modern times. These songs are only a small selection of the ones I personally like. Enjoy!
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有沒有一首歌會讓你想起我 - 周華健

You Mei You Yi Shou Ge Hui Rang Ni Xiang Qi Wo - Zhou Hua Jian

Is There a Song That Will Make You Think of Me? - Emil Chau

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Throwback Thursday! :D

海闊天空 - Beyond

Hoi Fut Tin Hung - Beyond

Boundless and Unrestrained* - Beyond

海闊天空 is an idiom that literally means “wide ocean and empty skies”.

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練習愛情 - 王大文, 陳芳語

Lian Xi Ai Qing - Wang Da Wen, Chen Fang Yu

Love Practice - Dawen Wang, Kimberley Chen

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Hello! ^^ I just wanted to kindly point out that the "xin" in the song "Xin Wo" should be 新 and not 心. :)

Ah, thank you! I completely missed that, haha. My IME automatically inputs it as 心窩, and it slipped past me. 

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你不要送花給我 - 劉若英

Ni Bu Yao Song Hua Gei Wo - Liu Ruo Ying

Don’t Send Me Flowers - René Liu

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Throwback Thursday! :D

新鴛鴦蝴蝶夢 - 黃安

Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng - Huang An

A New Dream of Love* - Huang An

* 鴛鴦蝴蝶 means “Mandarin ducks and butterflies”, and is the Chinese equivalent to the English term “love ducks”.

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一千年後記得我 - 林俊傑

Yi Qian Nian Hou Ji De Wo - Lin Jun Jie

Remember Me 1000 Years from Now - JJ Lin

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於是長大了以後 - 謝和弦

Yu Shi Zhang Da Le Yi Hou - Xie He Xian

When You Grow Up - R.Chord

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